How to make pudding souces


Take one cup of water, a quarter glass of brandy, one cup of sugar, juice of half a lemon. Boil all in double boiler. Beat the yolks of two eggs light, and add the boiling sauce gradually to them, stirring constantly until thick.


Put one cup cut loaf sugar in a saucepan on the stove without adding a drop of water. Let it melt slowly and get a nice brown without burning.
Beat the yolks of three eggs until light, stir in two cups of sweet milk, and when the sugar is melted, stir all into the saucepan and continue stirring until the sugar is dissolved and the sauce is somewhat thickened; then remove from the fire, add one teaspoon of vanilla essence, put in a bowl and put the stiffly-beaten whites of eggs on top.
Serve with puddings, cakes or fritters.

fruit pudding


Dissolve one-half pound chocolate in one cup of water and sugar to taste, boil somewhat thick and flavor with vanilla.


Cream one-quarter cup of butter with one cup of powdered sugar, until very light. Add separately the unbeaten whites of two eggs, stirring briskly and beat again. Add one teaspoon of vanilla and one-half cup of hot water. Pour in sauceboat, and place boat in a pan of boiling water on stove, until it becomes frothy then serve immediately.


Wash the fruit well, then put on the stove in a saucepan without adding any more water. Cover with a lid, and let the fruit get thoroughly heated all through until it comes to a boil, but do not boil it. Stir occasionally.
When well heated, mash the fruit well with a wooden potato masher, then strain through a fine sieve, being careful to get every drop of substance from the fruit.
Sweeten the juice with sugar to taste, add a few drops of wine or lemon juice, put back on the stove, and cook until it thickens, stirring occasionally. Serve with cake, fritters or puddings.
Blackberries, strawberries or raspberries, make a nice sauce.


Take one cup of sugar, one-half cup of sweet butter and stir to a cream. Flavor with grated lemon peel or essence of lemon. Make into any shape desired and serve.

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Give me some strudel recipes


Prepare the dough as for Apple Strudel as directed in the foregoing
recipe, drip one quart of thick sour milk on it lightly, with a large
spoon, put one cup of grated bread crumbs over the milk, add two cups of
granulated sugar, one cup of chopped almonds, one cup of raisins, and
one teaspoon of cinnamon, roll and place in well-buttered pan, put small
pieces of butter over the top, basting frequently. Serve warm with
vanilla sauce. One-half this quantity may be used for a small strudel.


Prepare the dough as for Apple Strudel No. 2. Blanch one-half pound of
almonds and grind, when dried beat the yolks of four eggs light with
one-quarter pound of granulated sugar, add the grated peel of one lemon
and mix in the almonds. Spread over the dough with plenty of oil, butter
or fat and roll. Bake; baste very often.



Heat one-half cup of goose-fat, add one medium-sized cabbage and let it
simmer until done, stirring constantly to keep from burning. While
cooling prepare strudel dough, fill with cabbage and one cup of raisins
and currants mixed, two cups of granulated sugar, one-half cup of
chopped almonds and one teaspoon cinnamon, roll and put little pieces of
grease on top; bake in hot oven and baste frequently. The pans in which
the strudel is baked must be greased generously. Serve this strudel hot.
This strudel may be made for a milk meal by substituting butter for fat.


Make a strudel or roley-poley dough and let it rest until you have
prepared the cheese. Take half a pound of cheese, rub it through a
coarse sieve or colander, add salt, the yolks of two eggs and one whole
egg, sweeten to taste. Add the grated peel of one lemon, two ounces of
sweet almonds, and about four bitter ones, blanched and pounded, four
ounces of sultana raisins and a little citron chopped fine. Now roll out
as thin as possible, spread in the cheese, roll and bake, basting with
sweet cream.


Wash the lung and heart thoroughly in salt water, and put on to boil in
cold water, adding salt, one onion, a few bay leaves and cook until very
tender. Make the dough precisely the same as any other strudel. Take the
boiled lung and heart, chop them as fine as possible and stew in a
saucepan with some fat, adding chopped parsley, a little salt, pepper
and mace, or nutmeg, the grated peel of half a lemon and a little wine.
Add the beaten yolks of two eggs to thicken, and remove from the fire to
cool. Roll out the dough as thin as possible, fill in the mixture and
lay the strudel in a well-greased pan; put flakes of fat on top and
baste often. Eat hot.

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What can I do with potatoes

potato lunch


Butter well a deep baking dish, holding a quart or more. In the bottom
place a layer of potatoes, sliced thin, then a layer of corn, using
one-half the contents of a can. On this sprinkle a little grated onion
and season with salt, pepper and bits of butter. Add another layer of
potatoes, then the rest of the corn, seasoning as before, and cover the
whole with a layer of cracker crumbs. Dot well with butter, pour on milk
until it comes to the top, and bake three-quarters of an hour. Use
cooked potatoes, having them cold before slicing.


Pare the potatoes and throw them into cold water until needed. Dry them
with a towel; cut into small pieces lengthwise of the potato; drop them
into hot fat and remove when lightly browned. It is better to fry only a
few at a time, letting those done stand in a colander in the oven to
keep hot. When all are done, sprinkle with salt and serve at once.

For variety; and for use in garnishing, cut the potatoes into balls,
using the vegetable cutter which comes for this purpose.


Boil medium-sized potatoes in their jackets until tender, peel while
hot. Put two tablespoons of butter or fat in spider, when hot add
potatoes, brown well all over. Drain, sprinkle with salt and one
teaspoon of caraway seeds and serve hot.


Heat two tablespoons of fat, add chopped onion and two tablespoons of
flour; when flour is brown, add 1-1/2 cups of water, stir and cook until
smooth, add salt, brown sugar and a little cinnamon to taste. Quarter
four medium-sized cooking pears, but do not peel, cook them in the brown
sauce, then add six medium, raw potatoes, pared, and cook until tender.


Buy a potato cutter at a first-class hardware store, and with it cut the
potatoes to the size of a hickory nut, and then fry or steam them. When
cooked they look just like new potatoes. They are especially nice to
garnish meats. You may also parboil and brown in fat, or boil and add
parsley as you would with new potatoes. The remainder of the raw
potatoes may be boiled and mashed or fried into ribbons.


Pare and lay in cold water (ice-water is best) for half an hour. Select
the largest potatoes, then cut round and round in one continuous
curl-like strip (there is also an instrument for this purpose, which
costs but a trifle); handle with care and fry a few at a time for fear
of entanglement, in deep fat.

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Give me some Beans recipes

beans recipe


Cut off both ends of the beans, string them carefully and break into
pieces about an inch in length and boil in salt water. When tender drain
off this brine and add fresh water (boiling from the kettle). Add a
piece of butter, three or four large potatoes cut into squares, also
four large tomatoes, cut up, and season with salt and pepper. Melt one
tablespoon of butter in a spider, stir into it one tablespoon of flour,
thin with milk, and add this to the beans.


Put the beans into sufficient boiling water to just cover them; cook for
one hour and a half to two hours, depending upon the tenderness of the
beans. Meanwhile, prepare for each quart of beans five sour apples;
peel, core and cut in pieces. When the beans are done, add the apples,
the thin peel of one lemon, the juice of one and one-half lemons, a
small teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Let the
apples cook on top of the beans until they are thoroughly done, then mix
well with a good quarter cup of granulated sugar. This dish will be
better by being served the next day warmed up.


If you use canned string beans, heat some fat in a spider and put in one
tablespoon of flour; brown slightly; add one tablespoon of brown sugar,
a pinch of salt, some cinnamon and vinegar to taste; then add the beans
and let them simmer on the back of stove, but do not let them burn. The
juice of pickled peaches or pears is delicious in preparing sweet and
sour beans.


Cut off the tops and bottoms and "string" carefully; break the beans in
pieces about an inch long and lay them in cold water, with a little
salt, for ten or fifteen minutes. Heat one tablespoon of drippings in a
stew-pan, in which you have cut up part of an onion and some parsley;
cover this and stew about ten minutes. In the meantime, drain the beans,
put into the stew-pan and stew until tender; add one tablespoon of flour
and season with salt and pepper (meat gravy or soup stock will improve
them). You may pare about half a dozen potatoes, cut into dice shape,
and add to the beans. If you prefer, you may add cream or milk instead
of soup stock and use butter.

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Lamb recipes

lamb recipe


Dilute one can of concentrated tomato sauce with one quart of water;
mince two medium-sized onions very fine and fry slowly in olive oil or
drippings until they are a golden brown, and add to tomatoes. Fry one
and one-half pounds of lean neck of lamb in a little drippings until the
meat is nicely browned all over and add to the tomatoes, season with one
clove of garlic, two bay leaves, two teaspoons of sugar, pepper and
salt, and let it simmer for about one and one-half hours, or until the
meat is tender and the sauce has become the consistency of thick cream.
Have ready some boiled macaroni, put in with the meat and stir well.
Serve hot.

Short ribs of beef may be cooked in the same manner.


Brown slices of leek or young onions in one tablespoon of drippings, add
neck or breast of lamb, cut in small pieces; season with white pepper,
salt and parsley; cook until tender, just before serving season with


Strip off the young leaves and boil in salt water. Then peel the heads
thickly, cut into round, thin slices, and lay in cold water for an hour.
Put on to boil a breast of mutton or lamb, which has been previously
well salted, and spice with a little ground ginger. When the mutton has
boiled one-half hour add the sliced kohl-rabi, and boil covered. In the
meantime, drain all the water from the leaves, which you have boiled
separately, and chop them, but not too fine, and add them to the mutton.
When done thicken with flour, season with pepper and more salt if
needed. You may omit the leaves if you are not fond of them.


Take a small breast of lamb, two large onions, one-quarter peck of beans
(string and cut in long thin pieces); skin six large tomatoes, and add
two cups of water. Cook until the beans are tender, then add one
tablespoon of flour to thicken.

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Curried and fricasseed eggs


Melt four tablespoons of butter in a frying-pan, add one onion chopped
fine and cook until straw colored. Then add one tablespoon of curry
powder. Make a smooth paste of one-fourth of a cup of water and two
tablespoons of flour; add one tablespoon of lemon juice and one-half
teaspoon of salt. Add to the first mixture; boil five minutes. Arrange
six hard-boiled eggs in a border of rice and pour the dressing over all.


Take six hard-boiled eggs, remove shells. Roll them in flour, then in
egg to which has been added one-half teaspoon of oil, one-half teaspoon
of vinegar, a few drops of onion juice, one teaspoon chopped parsley, a
little nutmeg and salt. When quite covered, roll in vermicelli that has
been broken into fine bits and fry in deep beef drippings. Serve with
the following sauce: One tablespoon of fat; one tablespoon of flour,
browned together; add one-half cup of white wine and a cup of bouillon.
Season with salt and cayenne and boil five minutes. Add one teaspoon
each of chopped chives and parsley, some chopped olives and mushrooms;
bring to a boil again and pour over the eggs.


Tomato recipes



Pour boiling water over the tomatoes; remove the skins; cut into small
pieces and place in a saucepan over the fire. Boil gently for twenty or
thirty minutes and season, allowing for each quart of tomatoes one
generous teaspoon each of salt and sugar and one tablespoon of butter.
If in addition to this seasoning a slice of onion has been cooked with
the tomatoes from the beginning, the flavor will be greatly improved.


Salt, pepper; add a lump of butter the size of an egg and add one
tablespoon of sugar. Thicken with one teaspoon of flour wet with one
tablespoon of cold water, stir into the tomatoes and boil up once.


Cut large, sound tomatoes in halves and flour the insides thickly.
Season with a little salt and pepper. Allow the butter to get very hot
before putting in the tomatoes. When brown on one side, turn, and when
done serve with hot cream or thicken some milk and pour over the
tomatoes hot.


Cut into thin slices large green tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and dip
into cornmeal, fry slowly in a little butter till well browned; keep the
frying-pan covered while they are cooking, so they will be perfectly
tender. These are very delicately flavored, and much easier to fry than
ripe tomatoes. They make an excellent breakfast dish.


Scald the tomatoes, take off the skins carefully and stew with one
teaspoon each of butter and sugar; salt and pepper to taste. This is
enough seasoning for a quart of tomatoes. When the tomatoes are very
soft strain through a coarse sieve and if necessary thicken with one
teaspoon of flour.


Drain off part of the juice from one quart of tomatoes and season with
pepper, salt, and onion juice. Cover the bottom of a baking dish with
rolled crackers, dot over with dabs of butter, pepper, and salt, then
another layer of tomatoes, then of crumbs, and so on until a layer of
crumbs covers the top.

If fresh tomatoes are used bake one hour, if canned, 1/2 hour.

If the crumbs begin to brown too quickly cover the dish with a tin

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In cities where fresh compressed yeast can be obtained, it is not worth
while to prepare one's own.

Compressed yeast is always in proper condition to use until it becomes
soft, often the yeast cakes are slightly discolored, but this does not
affect the yeast, being caused by the oxidation of the starch in the

Keep yeast in cool place.


Grate six large raw potatoes, have ready a gallon of water in which you
have boiled one and one-half cups of hops. Strain through a fine hair
sieve, boiling hot, over the potatoes, stirring well, or the mixture
will thicken like starch. Add a scant cup of sugar and one-half cup of
salt. When cold, add a yeast cake or a cup of fresh yeast. Let it stand
until a thick foam rises on the top. Bottle in a few days. If kept in a
cool place, this yeast will last a long time. Use one cup of yeast for
one large baking. In making yeast, from time to time, use a cup of the
same with which to start the new yeast.

One cup of liquid yeast is equal to one cake of compressed yeast.

When yeast is not obtainable to start the fermentation in making yeast,
mix a thin batter of flour and water, and let it stand in a warm place
until it is full of bubbles. This ferment has only half the strength of
yeast so double the amount must be used.


Lemonade recipes



Pare and grate a ripe pineapple; add the juice of four lemons and a
syrup made by boiling together for a few minutes two cups of sugar and
the same quantity of water. Mix and add a quart of water. When quite
cold strain and ice. A cherry, in each glass is an agreeable addition,
as are a few strawberries or raspberries.


Wash two lemons and squeeze the juice; mix thoroughly with four
tablespoons of sugar, and when the sugar is dissolved add one quart of
water, cracked ice, and a little fresh fruit or slices of lemon if

If the cracked ice is very finely chopped and put in the glasses just
before serving it will make a better-looking lemonade. When wine is used
take two-thirds water and one-third wine.


Take one dozen lemons, one pound of sugar and one gallon of water to
make lemonade for twenty people.


Dissolve in one quart of boiling water two cups of granulated sugar, add
three-fourths of a cup of lemon juice, and lastly, one and a half pints
of milk. Drink hot or cold with pounded ice.


Break two eggs and beat the whites and yolks separately. Mix juice of
two lemons, four tablespoons of sugar, four cups of water and ice as for
lemonade; add the eggs; pour rapidly back and forth from one pitcher to
another and serve before the froth disappears.


Take the juice of four lemons, twelve tablespoons of sugar, eight cups
of water, one cup of maraschino liquor and a few cherries.

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Wine recipes

wine glass


To each glass of wine allow one egg, beat up, and add sugar to taste.
Add wine gradually and grated nutmeg. Beat whites separately and mix.


Put cinnamon and allspice (to taste) in a cup of hot water to steep. Add
three eggs well beaten with sugar. Heat to a boil a pint of wine, then
add spice and eggs. Stir for three minutes and serve.


Measure your berries and bruise them; to every gallon add one quart of
boiling water; let the mixture stand twenty-four hours (stirring
occasionally), then strain off all the liquor into a cask; to every
gallon add two pounds of sugar; cork tightly and let stand till the
following October.


Mix one quart claret, one pint water, two cups of sugar, one-half
teaspoon of whole cloves, one teaspoon of whole cinnamon, lemon rind cut
thin and in small pieces. Boil steadily for fifteen minutes and serve

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