Chocolate custard and pudding


Beat yolks of three eggs, three tablespoons of sugar till light,
dissolve one heaping tablespoon of grated unsweetened chocolate, one
tablespoon of sugar and one of hot water. When dissolved, add slowly one
pint of milk heated to boiling, pour this hot mixture over the beaten
eggs and sugar, cook in double boiler, stirring constantly till it
thickens; when cool, flavor with vanilla, and place on ice. When ready
to serve, half-fill small punch glasses with the custard, heap over
them sweetened whipped cream, flavored; putting on top of each glass,
and serve cold.


Take one quart of milk, one and one-half cups of sugar, seven heaping
tablespoons of cocoa, six level tablespoons of cornstarch, one
tablespoon of vanilla; place milk and sugar up to boil, when boiling,
add cocoa, dissolved to a smooth paste; then add cornstarch dissolved in
cold water, let come to a boil, remove from fire and add the vanilla;
then place in mold and allow to get cold. Serve with whipped cream.


Boiled lettuce recipe


If lettuce has grown until rather too old for salad, it may be cooked, and makes a fairly palatable dish.

Boiled letuce

Wash four or five heads of lettuce, carefully removing thick, bitter stalks and retaining all sound leaves. Cook in plenty of boiling salted water for ten or fifteen minutes, then blanch in cold water for a minute or two. Drain, chop lightly, and heat in stew-pan with some butter, and salt and pepper to taste. If preferred, the chopped lettuce may be heated with a pint of white sauce seasoned with salt, pepper, and grated
nutmeg. After simmering for a few minutes in the sauce, draw to a cooler part of the range and stir in the well-beaten yolks of two eggs.


Apple fladen (Hungarian recipe)

Rub together on a pastry-board one-half pound of sweet butter with one pound (four cups sifted) of flour, add four tablespoons of powdered sugar, a little salt, four egg yolks and moisten with one-half cup of sour cream; cover and set aside in the ice-box for one-half hour. Take two pounds of sour apples, peel, cut fine, mix with one-half cup of
light-colored raisins, sugar and cinnamon to taste. Cut the dough in two pieces, roll out one piece and place on greased baking-pan, spread over this four tablespoons of bread crumbs and the chopped sugared apples, roll out the other half of dough, place on top and spread with white of one egg, sprinkle with two tablespoons of powdered almonds. Bake in hot oven.


Cucumbers recipes

Stuffed Cucumbers

Cut four cucumbers in half lengthwise; remove the seeds with a spoon,
lay the cucumbers in vinegar overnight; then wipe dry and fill with a
mixture made from one cup pecans or Brazil nuts chopped, six tablespoons
of mashed potatoes, one well-beaten egg, one teaspoon of salt, two
tablespoons of chopped parsley, one saltspoon of white pepper, dash of
nutmeg and two tablespoons of melted butter. Bake in a buttered dish
until tender. Serve hot with one cup of white sauce, dash of powdered
cloves, one well-beaten egg, salt and pepper to taste.

Fried Cucumbers

Daintily prepared fried cucumbers are immeasurably superior to fried egg
plant and are especially nice with boiled chicken.

Peel and slice the cucumbers lengthwise in about the same thickness
observed with egg plant. Lay these slices in salt and water for about an
hour, then dip in beaten egg and cracker dust, and French fry in boiling
fat, taking care to carefully drain in a colander before serving.

Some fruit souces

Lemon sauce

Boil one cup of sugar with one-half cup of water, rind of one lemon,
juice of two, and one-half teaspoon of butter. When boiling stir in a
scant teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in a little cold water. Serve
hot. Serve with puddings or fritters.

Another Lemon sauce

Boil the strained juice of two lemons and the grated peel of one with a
cup of sugar and one glass of white wine or water. When boiled to a
syrup add the yolks of three eggs well beaten, also half of the whites
beaten to a froth. Use the other half of the stiffly-beaten whites,
sweetened with powdered sugar, to decorate the sauce. Serve immediately.

Prune sauce

Take about one pound of Turkish prunes, wash them in hot water, and put
on to boil in cold water. Boil until they are very soft. Remove the pits
or kernels, and strain over them the water they were boiled in, sweeten
to taste. Flavor with ground cinnamon, then mash them until a soft mush.
If too thick, add the juice of an orange.


How to bake cake

Make sure the oven is in condition, it can better wait for the cake than the other way around.

Light your gas oven five or ten minutes before needed and reduce heat accordingly when cake is put in oven.

For the coal range, have the oven the right temperature and do not add coal or shake the coals while cake is baking.

If a piece of soft yellow paper burns golden brown in five minutes the oven is moderately hot; if it takes four minutes the oven is hot, if seven minutes is required the oven is fit for slow baking.

Sponge cakes require a slow oven; layer cakes a hot oven, and loaf cakes with butter a moderate oven.

Never look after your cake until it has been in the oven ten minutes.

If cake is put in too cool an oven it will rise too much and be of very coarse texture. If too hot, it browns and crusts over the top before it has sufficiently risen. If, after the cake is put in, it seems to bake too fast, put a brown paper loosely over the top of the pan, and do not open the oven door for five minutes at least; the cake should then be quickly examined and the door carefully shut, or the rush of cold air will cause it to fall. Setting a small dish of hot water in the oven
will also prevent the cake from scorching.

When you think your cake is baked, open the oven door carefully so as not to jar, take a straw and run it through the thickest part of the cake, and if the straw comes out perfectly clean and dry your cake is done. When done, take it out and set it where no draft of air will strike it, and in ten minutes turn it out on a flat plate or board.

Do not put it in the cake box until perfectly cold. Scald out the tin cake box each time before putting a fresh cake in it. Make sure it is air-tight. Keep in a cool place, but not in a damp cellar or a refrigerator.

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Noodles cakes kosher recipes


Sift two cups of flour with three teaspoons of salt in it, make into a dough by adding enough sweet milk to make soft as biscuit dough. Break off small pieces and roll between the hands in the shape of croquettes.

Now put one-half cup of rendered butter in a skillet that has a top to it; when the butter is hot, lay in the pieces of dough (do not put too many in at one time), throw in one-half cup of cold water, put on the cover and let cook until the water is cooked out and noodles are brown on one side. Remove the cover and brown on the other side.


Make a noodle dough with as many eggs as desired, roll out somewhat thin, cut in strips four inches long by one inch wide.

Have a skillet half full of boiling hot chicken fat; drop in the strips, a few at a time, baste with the hot grease until brown on both sides.
Remove to a platter, sprinkle generously with powdered sugar and cinnamon, and serve.

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A few pancakes recipes


Soak stale bread overnight in sour milk, mash the bread fine in the morning, and put in one-half teaspoon of salt, two eggs, two teaspoons of baking soda, dissolved in hot water, and thicken with finely sifted flour.


Boil in a double boiler one pint of milk, three tablespoons of rice and two tablespoons of granulated sugar. It will take from fifty to sixty minutes for the rice to be thoroughly cooked, and the mixture to thicken. Remove from the fire and when a little cool, add one tablespoon of vanilla and the yolk of egg into which one tablespoon of flour has been smoothly stirred. Mix all thoroughly together, then pour, by spoonfuls, on hot buttered griddle. Let the cakes brown on one side, and
turn over, and brown on the other.


Peel six large potatoes and soak several hours in cold water; grate, drain, and for every pint allow two eggs, about one tablespoon of flour, one-half teaspoon of salt, a little pepper; a little onion juice may be added if so desired. Beat eggs well and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Drop by spoonfuls on a hot greased spider in small cakes. Turn and brown on both sides. Serve with apple sauce.

When eggs are very expensive the cakes can be made with one egg. When required for a meat meal, the pancakes may be fried in drippings; the edges will be much more crisp than when fried in butter, which burns so readily.

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Take two cups of milk, two eggs or the yolks of three eggs, two
tablespoons of sugar and one-half teaspoon of vanilla. Put the milk on
to heat in a double boiler. Beat the eggs thoroughly with the sugar;
into them pour the hot milk, stirring to prevent lumps. Return all to
the double boiler and cook until the custard coats the spoon, but no
longer. If the mixture should curdle, set the boiler in a pan of cold
water and beat with a wire egg-beater until smooth. When the steam
passes off add the vanilla, or other flavoring.

In the winter, when eggs are expensive, the custard may be made with one
egg and one heaping teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in a little cold

If desired, the whites of the eggs may be beaten separately and added to
the custard after it is cold or beaten with sugar into a meringue.




Clean the fish thoroughly, and wash it in hot water, wipe dry and saltinside and out. If you heat the salt it will penetrate through the meatof the fish in less time. Take a kettle, lay in it a piece of butterabout the size of an egg; cut up an onion, some celery root, parsleyroot and a few slices of lemon, lay the fish in, either whole or cut upin slices; boil in enough water to just cover the fish, and add moresalt if required, add a dozen whole peppers, black or white; season withground white pepper. Let the fish boil quickly. In the meantime beat upthe yolks of two eggs, and pound a dozen almonds to a paste, add to thebeaten yolks, together with a tablespoon of cold water. When done removethe fish to a large platter; but to ascertain whether the fish hascooked long enough, take hold of the fins, if they come out readily yourfish has cooked enough. Strain the sauce through a sieve, taking out theslices of lemon and with them garnish the top of the fish; add thestrained sauce to the beaten eggs, stirring constantly as you do so;then return the sauce to the kettle, and stir until it boils, removequickly and pour it over the fish. When it is cold garnish with curlyparsley.