Matzoth dipped in eggs recipes

Matzoth dipped in eggs recipe

Beat up as many eggs as are required. Into these dip matzoth that have been soaked in milk. Fry quickly to a light brown on both sides, lay on a large platter, sprinkle with a mixture of sugar, cinnamon and grated peel of a lemon. The more eggs used the richer matzoth this will be. Fry that in butter.

Matzoth dipped in 6 eggs recipe

Beat six eggs very light, add one-half tablespoon of salt. Heat two tablespoons of goose fat or olive oil in a spider. Break four matzoth into large, equal pieces. Dip each piece in the egg mixture and fry a light brown on both sides. Serve matzoth hot, sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and a little grated lemon rind.

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Spiced or pickled apples


Spiced or pickled apples

Pare the apples, "Pound Sweets" are best. Crab-apples may be pickled the same way, but do not pare. Leave on the stems and put into a kettle with alternate layers of sugar. Take four pounds of white sugar to nine pounds of fruit, and spice with an ounce of cinnamon bark and half an ounce of cloves, removing the heads. Heat slowly to a boil with a pint of water. Add the vinegar and spices, and boil until tender. Take out the fruit with a perforated skimmer and spread upon dishes to cool. Boil the syrup thick. Pack the apples in jars and pour the syrup over them boiling hot. Examine them in a week's time, and should they show signs of fermenting pour off the syrup and boil up for a few minutes, and pour over the fruit scalding, or set the jars (uncovered) in a kettle of cold water and heat until the contents are boiling, and then seal.

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Pudding wine sauces

Kosher Pudding wine sauce

Take one-half cup of white wine and one and one-half cups of water, put on to boil in double boiler and in the meantime beat up the yolks of two eggs very light, with two teaspoons of white sugar, some grated nutmeg or three small pieces of cinnamon bark, or the grated rind of half a lemon, and add a teaspoon of flour to this gradually. When perfectly smooth add the boiling wine, pouring very little at a time and stirring constantly. Return to boiler and stir until the spoon is coated.

Pudding wine sauce recipe, another

Melt one tablespoon of butter in a saucepan, stir in one tablespoon of flour, then add one-half cup of cold water, stirring constantly until smooth. Then add one cup of white wine, one ounce of chopped citron.
Remove from fire, let cool, flavor with one teaspoon each of pistache and vanilla. If desired, one teaspoon of red Curacao or Maraschino liquor can be added for flavoring.

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Pudding chocolate sauces

Easy Pudding chocolate sauce recipe

Dissolve one-half pound chocolate in one cup of water and sugar to taste, boil somewhat thick and flavor with vanilla.

Pudding chocolate sauce

Another Pudding chocolate sauce kosher recipe

Scald two cups of milk, add two tablespoons of cornstarch diluted with one-half cup of cold milk, and cook ten minutes over boiling water. Melt three squares of chocolate over hot water, add three tablespoons of sugar and three tablespoons of hot water. Stir until smooth, then add to cooked mixture. Beat the whites of three eggs until stiff, add three-fourths of a cup of powdered sugar. Add the yolks and stir into cooked mixture. Cool and add vanilla.

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Bread pudding recipes

Bread pudding recipe

Soak one and one-half cups of bread crumbs in a pint of sweet milk for half an hour. Separate the whites and yolks of two eggs, setting the whites in a cool place until needed. Beat the yolks with a half cup of sugar and add the grated peel of one lemon and stir into the bread crumbs. Put in some raisins and pour into a greased pudding dish and bake in a moderate oven, about half an hour. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, adding half a cup of powdered sugar. And spread this on top of pudding and return to the oven and brown delicately. May be eaten hot or cold, with jelly sauce or whipped cream. Stale cake of any kind may be used instead of bread. And ginger bread also is particularly nice, adding raisins and citron, and spreading a layer of jelly on the pudding before putting on the icing.

Black bread pudding recipe

Yolks of three eggs beaten with one cup of sugar. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon, pinch of cloves, and pinch of allspice. One cup of stale rye bread crumbs added gradually. Mix well and add beaten whites. Bake slowly. Half an hour before serving, add one cup of claret or white wine. Serve with sherry wine sauce or whipped cream.

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Snowballs recipe - hesterliste


Mix one teaspoon of butter, one-fourth teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of sugar with one egg. Add one tablespoon of cream, one teaspoon of brandy and flour to make stiff dough. Work the whole together with a spoon until the flour is incorporated with the other ingredients and you have a dough easily handled. Break the dough in pieces about the size of a walnut; roll each piece out separately just as thin as possible without tearing (the thinner the better), make three lengthwise slashes in the centre of each piece of dough after rolling out.

Snowballs hesterliste

Heat a large deep skillet about half full with boiling hot butter or Crisco, drop in the snowballs, not more than three at one time, brown quickly on one side, then on the other, turn carefully with a perforated skimmer as they are easily broken. Remove to a platter, sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon and a few drops of lemon juice.


Frying tutorial

Frying tutorial

Frying is cooking in very hot fat or oil, and the secret of success is to have the fat hot enough to harden the outer surface of the article to be fried immediately and deep enough to cover these articles of food. As the fat or oil can be saved and used many times, the use of a large quantity is not extravagant.


To fry easily one must have, in addition to the deep, straight-sided frying-pan, a frying-basket, made from galvanized wire, with a side handle. The bale handles are apt to become heated, and in looking for something to lift them, the foods are over-fried. The frying-pan must be at least six inches deep with a flat bottom; iron, granite ware or copper may be used, the first two are preferable. There must be
sufficient fat to wholly cover the articles fried, but the pan must not be too full, or there is danger of overflow when heavy articles are put in. After each frying, drain the fat or oil, put it into a receptacle kept for the purpose, and use it over and over again as long as it lasts. As the quantity begins to lessen, add sufficient fresh fat or oil to keep up the amount.

Always put the fat or oil in the frying-pan before you stand it over the fire.

Wait until it is properly heated before putting in the articles to be fried.

Fry a few articles at a time. Too many will cool the fat or oil below the point of proper frying and they will absorb grease and be unpalatable.

Put articles to be fried in the wire frying-basket and lower into the boiling hot fat or oil. Test the fat by lowering a piece of stale bread into it, if the bread browns in thirty seconds the fat is sufficiently hot.

Fry croquettes a light brown; drain over the fat, lift the frying-basket from the hot fat to a round plate, remove the articles from the basket quickly to brown paper, drain a moment and serve.

When frying fish or any food that is to be used at a milk meal, use oil. Olive oil is the best, but is very expensive for general use. Any other good vegetable oil or nut oil will do as substitute.

When the food is intended for a meat meal; fat may be prepared according to the following directions and used in the same manner as oil.

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Horseradish sauce recipe

Horseradish sauce


Grate a good-sized stick of horseradish; take some soup stock and a tablespoon of fat, salt and pepper to taste, a little grated stale bread, a few pounded almonds. Let all boil up and then add the meat.


Heat one tablespoon of fat in a frying-pan, when hot cut up one-quarter of an onion in it, and fry light brown, then brown one tablespoon cracker meal or flour and add two tablespoons of grated horseradish.
Let this brown a bit, then add some soup stock, one tablespoon of brown sugar, two cloves, two bay leaves, salt, pepper and two tablespoons of vinegar. Let cook a few minutes then add one more tablespoon of horseradish and if necessary a little more sugar or vinegar. Lay the meat in this sauce and cover on back of stove until ready to serve. If gas stove is used, place over the simmering flame.