Chicken on turkish style

Chicken on turkish style

Chicken on turkish style

Brown a chicken, cover with water and season, cook until tender. When
chicken is tender; slash the skin of chestnuts, put them in oven and
roast, then skin them, put in chicken and let come to a boil and serve
with the chicken.

Stuffed chicken (turkish style)

Steam chicken and when it is almost tender stuff it with the following:
Take one-fourth pound of almonds, chopped; season with parsley, pepper
and salt to taste, add one tablespoon of bread crumbs and bind this with
one well-beaten egg. Put chicken in roasting-pan and roast until done.



Blogger Flower Child said...

How come you never posted the ingredients?

2:29 PM  
Anonymous jewish food said...

The ingredients are all in text, I didn't realize list them could be helpful. But maybe that is good idea. Will think about that way on future recipes.

2:45 PM  

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