Sift into a mixing-bowl one and one-half cups of flour and one-half teaspoon of baking-powder. Make a depression in the centre; into this pour a generous half cup of oil and an exact half cup of very cold (or ice) water; add pinch of salt, mix quickly with a fork, divide in two portions; do not knead, but roll on a well-floured board, spread on pans, fill and bake at once in a quick oven.

No failure is possible if the formula is accurately followed and these things observed; ingredients cold, no kneading or re-rolling; dough must not stand, but the whole process must be completed as rapidly as possible.

Do not pinch or crimp the edge of this or any other pie. To do so makes a hard edge that no one cares to eat. Instead, trim the edges in the usual way, then place the palms of the hand on opposite sides of the pie and raise the dough until the edges stand straight up. This prevents all leakage and the crust is tender to the last morsel.


Green pea soup and other


Wash two large oxtails and cut into pieces. Cut one onion fine and fry
in one tablespoon of drippings. When brown, add oxtails to brown, then
put into soup kettle with four quarts cold water. Add one tablespoon of
salt, one tablespoon of mixed herbs, four cloves, four peppercorns.
Simmer for three or four hours. Skim off fat, strain. Vegetables cut
into fancy shapes and boiled twenty minutes may be added.


Make your soup stock as usual, adding a pint of washed pea-pods to the
soup. Heat a tablespoon of drippings, put in the peas, with a little
chopped parsley, cover closely and let simmer; keep adding soup stock
when dry. When the peas are tender put into the strained soup. Season
with one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar, add drop dumplings
to this soup before serving.


Make a beef soup, and an hour before wanted add a pigeon. Boil slowly,
with all kinds of vegetables, provided your patient is allowed to have
them. Strain, add the beaten yolk of an egg, salt to taste.


Cut up any bones or meat of cold turkey, and cook like soup made of
left-over chicken and chicken bones.


Take one quart of ripe tomatoes, stew with one quart of okra, cut into
small rings. Put this on to boil with about two quarts or water and a
piece of soup meat (no bone), chop up an onion, a carrot and a sprig of
parsley, add this to the soup. Fricassee one chicken with some rice,
dish up with the soup, putting a piece of chicken and one tablespoon of
rice into each soup plate before adding the soup. Let the soup simmer
four or five hours; season with salt and pepper. A little corn and Lima
beans may be added; they should be cooked with the soup for several
hours. Cut the soup meat into small cubes and leave in the soup to


Take one pound of meat, cover with water and boil till meat is tender.
Boil rice in another pan until it is creamy, when ready to serve, add
one beaten egg and juice of half a lemon.

Broken rice is best for this dish.


Take one cup of barley, two onions cut fine, one-half cup of carrots
diced, one teaspoon of salt, pepper to taste; add two quarts of water
and simmer two or three hours. When water has evaporated add soup; if
you are making fresh soup, keep adding the "top soup," strained, to the
barley and let boil until tender, one-half cup of celery root boiled
with the barley improves the flavor.


Soak one cup of picked and cleaned dried split peas in cold water over
night, drain, put on with two quarts cold water, a smoked beef-cheek or
any other smoked meat; let boil slowly but steadily four hours or more;
add one-half cup of celery, diced, one small onion cut fine, one
teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, cook until the meat and
peas are tender. Remove meat when tender. Skim fat off the top of the
soup. Heat one tablespoon of the fat in a frying pan, add one tablespoon
of flour and gradually the rest of the soup. Season to taste and serve
with the smoked meat, adding croutons.