Pudding wine sauces

Kosher Pudding wine sauce

Take one-half cup of white wine and one and one-half cups of water, put on to boil in double boiler and in the meantime beat up the yolks of two eggs very light, with two teaspoons of white sugar, some grated nutmeg or three small pieces of cinnamon bark, or the grated rind of half a lemon, and add a teaspoon of flour to this gradually. When perfectly smooth add the boiling wine, pouring very little at a time and stirring constantly. Return to boiler and stir until the spoon is coated.

Pudding wine sauce recipe, another

Melt one tablespoon of butter in a saucepan, stir in one tablespoon of flour, then add one-half cup of cold water, stirring constantly until smooth. Then add one cup of white wine, one ounce of chopped citron.
Remove from fire, let cool, flavor with one teaspoon each of pistache and vanilla. If desired, one teaspoon of red Curacao or Maraschino liquor can be added for flavoring.

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Pudding wine sauces are a favorite worldwide and this recepie seems to be a topping on the pudding.

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The recipe sounds n look s delicious. Thanks a lot for sharing this authentic recipe..

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