Jewish chicken croquettes recipe

Jewish chicken recipe croquettes

Cook one half tablespoon of flour in one tablespoon chicken fat, add one half cup of soup stock gradually, and one-half teaspoon each of onion juice, lemon juice, salt, and one-quarter teaspoon of pepper, one and one-half cups of veal or chicken, chopped very fine, one pair of brains which have been boiled, mix these well, remove from the fire and add one well-beaten egg. Turn this mixture out on a flat dish and place in ice-box to cool. Then roll into small cones, dip in beaten egg, roll again in powdered bread or cracker crumbs and drop them into boiling fat, fry until a delicate brown. You just made Jewish chicken croquettes with a little help of this recipe.

Jewish chicken croquettes recipe

Chicken croquettes another recipe

For Jewish chicken recipe croquettes, chop the chicken very fine, using the white meat alone, or the dark chicken meat alone, or both together. Season with salt, pepper, onion-juice, and lemon-juice. Chopped mushrooms, sweetbreads, calf's brains, tongue, or truffles are used with chicken, and a combination of two or more of them much improves the quality of the croquettes. And that's the recipe.

photo by Rex Roof

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