two goulash recipes


Have two pounds of beef cut into one inch squares. Dredge in flour and
fry until brown. Cover with water and simmer for two hours; the last
half-hour add one tablespoon of salt and one-eighth of a teaspoon of
pepper. Make a sauce by cooking one cup of tomatoes and one stalk of
celery cut in small pieces, a bay leaf and two whole cloves, for
twenty-five minutes; rub through a sieve, add to stock in which meat was
cooked. Thicken with four tablespoons of flour moistened with two
tablespoons of water. Serve meat with cooked diced potatoes, carrots,
and green and red peppers cut in strips.


To one pound beef, free from fat and cut up as pan stew, add one chopped
green pepper, one large onion, two blades of garlic (cut fine), pepper
and salt, with just enough water to cover. Let this simmer until meat is
very tender. Add a little water as needed. Put in medium sized can of
tomatoes an hour or so before using and have ready two cups of cooked
spaghetti or macaroni and put this into the meat until thoroughly
heated. This must not be too wet; let water cook away just before adding
the tomatoes.


Huckleberry cake


Stir to a cream one cup of butter and two cups of powdered sugar and add
gradually the yolks of four eggs. Sift into this three cups of flour,
adding two teaspoons of baking-powder in the last sifting and add one
cup of sweet milk alternately with the flour to the creamed butter,
sugar and yolks. Spice with one teaspoon of cinnamon and add the
stiff-beaten whites of the eggs. Lastly, stir in two cups of
huckleberries which have been carefully picked over and well dredged
with flour. Be careful in stirring in the huckleberries that you do not
bruise them. You will find a wooden spoon the best for this purpose, the
edges not being so sharp. Bake in a moderately hot oven; try with a
straw, if it comes out clean, your cake is baked. This will keep fresh
for a long while.


Green tree layer cake and icing


One cup of granulated sugar, one-half cup of butter, three eggs, one cup
of milk, two and one-half scant cups of sifted flour, one teaspoon of
vanilla extract, two teaspoons of baking-powder. Cream the butter and
sugar together as usual, and then break in three eggs and beat until
very creamy. Add the flour and milk alternately, reserving a little of
the flour to add after the vanilla and baking-powder. Beat well and bake
in layer cake tins. The entire success and lightness of this cake
depends upon the beating of the sugar, butter and eggs. If these are
beaten long enough they will become as creamy and fluffy as whipped

*Icing for This Cake.*--One and one-half cups of confectioner's sugar
(not powdered), butter the size of a large egg, two tablespoons of
cocoa, one teaspoon of vanilla, moisten to make the mixture the
consistence of very thick cream. Cream or whipped cream may be used for
the mixing, but many like this icing when made with lukewarm coffee. The
sugar and butter are creamed together thoroughly and then the cocoa and
vanilla are added, and lastly the cream or coffee. This is a good
imitation of German tree cake. The icing on tree cake is an inch thick,
and it is marked to represent the bark of a tree. The way it is served
is with a little green candy on it, and it is really very delicious
although extremely rich. The thicker or rather firmer this icing is, the


macaroons recipes


Take one cup of pulverized sugar, and one cup of finely-pounded nut
meats, the unbeaten whites of two eggs, two heaping teaspoons of flour,
and one scant teaspoon of baking-powder. Mix these ingredients together
and drop from a teaspoon which, you have previously dipped in cold
water, upon buttered paper. Do not put them too near each other, for
they always spread a great deal. Bake about fifteen minutes.


Stone thirty dates; chop them fine. Cut one-half pound of almonds
lengthwise in slices, but do not blanch them. Beat the whites of two
eggs until foamy, add one cup of powdered sugar, and beat until stiff;
add the dates, then the almonds, and mix very thoroughly. Drop mixture
with teaspoon in small piles on tins, one-half inch apart. Bake thirty
minutes in a very slow oven or until dry. They are done when they leave
the pan readily.


String bean and Bohemian salad recipes


String and remove the ends from one quart of beans. Cut into short
lengths. Cover with boiling water, add one level tablespoon of wilt and
cook until tender, but not soft. Drain and save one cup of the liquor.
Cream one tablespoon of flour with two tablespoons of butter. Pour the
liquid over the flour and butter, stirring constantly to avoid
"lumping." Cook this sauce for five minutes, remove from stove and stir
in two tablespoons of strained lemon juice. Pour this over the beans and


Cover the bottom of the salad bowl with crisp Romaine or lettuce;
arrange over the top alternate slices of hard-boiled eggs and boiled
beets. Sprinkle with finely chopped onion, cover with French dressing,
toss and serve.


matzoth shalet recipe


Four soaked matzoth; nine eggs, one cup of sugar, two grated apples, one
and one-half cups of seeded raisins, one tablespoon of cinnamon, grated
rind of an orange or a lemon and a few pounded almonds. Beat the sugar,
eggs, and cinnamon until light; then add all the ingredients, except the
matzoth, mixing well. Now drain the matzoth, gradually adding them to
the mixture, beating until very light. Melt half a pound of rendered fat
into the dish for baking, and then pour in the mixture. Bake in a
moderately hot oven for one and one-fourth hours. Serve hot with wine,
fruit, or prune sauce.


Burnt Almond Torte recipe


Beat up four eggs with one cup of sifted powdered sugar. Beat until it
looks like a heavy batter. When you think you cannot possibly beat any
longer stir one cup of sifted flour with one-half teaspoon of
baking-powder. Stir it into batter gradually and lightly, adding three
tablespoons of water. Bake in jelly tins. Filling: Scald one-fourth
pound of almonds (by pouring boiling water over them), remove skins, put
them on a pie plate and set them in the oven to brown slightly.
Meanwhile, melt three tablespoons of white sugar, without adding water,
stirring it all the while. Stir up the almonds in this, then remove them
from the fire and lay on a platter separately to cool. Make an icing of
the whites of three eggs beaten very stiff, with one pound of pulverized
sugar, and flavor with rose-water. Spread this upon layers and cover
each layer with almonds. When finished frost the whole cake, decorating
with almonds.


Spaetzlen or Spatzen


Sift two cups of flour into a bowl, make a depression in the centre and
break into it two eggs, add a saltspoon of salt and enough water or milk
to form a smooth, stiff dough. Set on some water to boil, salt the water
and when the water boils drop the spaetzle into it, one at a time. Do
this with the spoon with which you cut the dough, or roll it on a board
into a round roll and cut them with a knife. When the spaetzle are
done, they will rise to the surface, take them out with a perforated
skimmer and lay them on a platter. Now heat two tablespoons of butter
and add bread crumbs, let them brown for a minute and pour all over the
spaetzle. If you prefer you may put the spaetzle right into the spider
in which you have heated the butter. Another way to prepare them is
after having taken them out of the water, heat some butter in a spider
and put in the spaetzle, and then scramble a few eggs over all, stirring
eggs and spaetzle together. Serve hot.

Coffee cake recipe


Soak one-half ounce of yeast in one-half cup of lukewarm milk; when
dissolved put in a bowl, or round agate pan, and stir in one cup of
sifted flour, one teaspoon of sugar and one-fourth teaspoon of salt, mix
thoroughly, and put in a warm place (not hot) to rise, from one to two

When well risen, cream well together one cup of sugar and three-fourths
cup of butter, then add three eggs, five cups of sifted flour, one cup
of milk and one teaspoon of salt, mix together until light, then stir in
the risen yeast, and with a spoon work well for ten minutes, and set
aside to rise again, five or six hours or all night. Dough should not be
very stiff. When well risen it can be used for cinnamon cake, pies or
pocket books. This recipe makes one large cinnamon cake, three pies, and
about one dozen pocket books. If set at night use half the quantity of


Toast recipes


Slice even slices of baker's bread, not too thin, put in biscuit pan on
the top rack of a very hot oven, brown nicely on one side, then turn and
brown on the other, spread with butter, and a little powdered sugar, if
desired, and serve at once. Or put the slices on a long fork, hold
before a red coal fire, without flame, toast on both sides and proceed
as above.


Toast as many slices of stale light bread as desired a light brown. Heat
milk or cream, allowing one-half cup for each slice, add small lump of
butter. When just at the boiling point, pour over bread which has been
placed in dish, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, cover, and serve
immediately. Nice for invalids.


Bread cut thin and browned, but not dried.

Butter the toast while very hot, thinly and evenly, and sprinkle over
each piece some powdered cinnamon and sugar.


Baked macaroni with cheese recipe


Cook one cup of broken macaroni in two quarts of boiling salted water
for twenty or thirty minutes, drain and pour cold water through the
colander. Put the macaroni in a pudding-dish in layers, covering each
layer with cream sauce and grated cheese, one cup will be sufficient,
and on the top layers sprinkle one cup of buttered bread crumbs. Bake in
oven until the crumbs are brown.

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Clabbered milk


One of the most healthful drinks in the world is clabbered milk; it is
far better in a way for every one than buttermilk for it requires no
artificial cult to bring it to perfection. The milk is simply allowed to
stand in a warm place in the bottles just as it is bought, and when it
reaches the consistency of a rich cream or is more like a jelly the same
as is required for cheese, it is ready to drink. Pour it into a glass,
seasoning it with a little salt, and drink it in the place of