two goulash recipes


Have two pounds of beef cut into one inch squares. Dredge in flour and
fry until brown. Cover with water and simmer for two hours; the last
half-hour add one tablespoon of salt and one-eighth of a teaspoon of
pepper. Make a sauce by cooking one cup of tomatoes and one stalk of
celery cut in small pieces, a bay leaf and two whole cloves, for
twenty-five minutes; rub through a sieve, add to stock in which meat was
cooked. Thicken with four tablespoons of flour moistened with two
tablespoons of water. Serve meat with cooked diced potatoes, carrots,
and green and red peppers cut in strips.


To one pound beef, free from fat and cut up as pan stew, add one chopped
green pepper, one large onion, two blades of garlic (cut fine), pepper
and salt, with just enough water to cover. Let this simmer until meat is
very tender. Add a little water as needed. Put in medium sized can of
tomatoes an hour or so before using and have ready two cups of cooked
spaghetti or macaroni and put this into the meat until thoroughly
heated. This must not be too wet; let water cook away just before adding
the tomatoes.



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Nice to see the world is getting the word out about this terrific cuisine! I've recently been inspired to start a blog on the topic (Hungarian food).

Hungarian Food Recipes

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