Burnt Almond Torte recipe


Beat up four eggs with one cup of sifted powdered sugar. Beat until it
looks like a heavy batter. When you think you cannot possibly beat any
longer stir one cup of sifted flour with one-half teaspoon of
baking-powder. Stir it into batter gradually and lightly, adding three
tablespoons of water. Bake in jelly tins. Filling: Scald one-fourth
pound of almonds (by pouring boiling water over them), remove skins, put
them on a pie plate and set them in the oven to brown slightly.
Meanwhile, melt three tablespoons of white sugar, without adding water,
stirring it all the while. Stir up the almonds in this, then remove them
from the fire and lay on a platter separately to cool. Make an icing of
the whites of three eggs beaten very stiff, with one pound of pulverized
sugar, and flavor with rose-water. Spread this upon layers and cover
each layer with almonds. When finished frost the whole cake, decorating
with almonds.



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