French puffs recipe


Put one cup of water and one-quarter pound of butter on to boil. When it
begins to boil stir in one-quarter pound of sifted flour. Stir until it
leaves the kettle clean, take off the fire and stir until milk-warm,
then stir in four eggs, one at a time, stirring until all used up.
Flavor with the grated peel of a lemon. Put on some rendered butter in a
kettle. When the butter is hot, dip a large teaspoon in cold water and
cut pieces of dough with it as large as a walnut, and drop into the hot
butter. Try one first to see whether the butter is hot enough. Do not
crowd--they want plenty of room to raise. Dip the hot butter over them
with a spoon, fry a deep yellow and sprinkle powdered sugar over them.


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