Scalloped potato recipes

First Scalloped potatoes recipe

Grease a pan with butter. Choose the potatoes that are so big or
misshapen you wouldn't want to use them for boiling or baking. Cut them
in thin slices. Spread them in the pan in a layer an inch thick.
Sprinkle with pepper and salt to taste. Dot with butter here and there,
perhaps a half teaspoon for each layer. Four or six bits of butter
should be sprinkled over each layer. Repeat the layers of the raw
potatoes until the pan is full. Cover them with milk. Place in the oven
and cook for one hour.

Another scalloped potato recipe

Cut two cups of cold potatoes into cubes; mix well with two cups of
cream sauce, adding more seasoning if necessary; pour into a baking
dish; cover with one cup of bread crumbs and dot with small pieces of
butter and bake for about half an hour.



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