Chocolate and Date torte


Take nine eggs, one-half pound of pulverized sugar, one-half pound of
almonds, half cut and grated; one-half pound of finest vanilla chocolate
grated, one-half pound of raisins, cut and seeded; seven soda crackers,
rolled to a powder; one teaspoon of baking-powder, juice of three lemons
and one-fourth glass of wine. Beat whites of eggs to a stiff froth and
stir in last. Beat yolks with sugar until very light; then add
chocolate, and proceed as with other torten.


Beat one-half pound of pulverized sugar with the yolks of six large
eggs. Beat long and steadily until a thick batter. Add one-half pound of
dates, cut very fine, one teaspoon each of allspice and ground cinnamon,
one-fourth pound of chocolate grated, juice and peel of one lemon, three
and one-half soda crackers, rolled to a fine powder, one teaspoon of
baking-powder, and last the stiff-beaten whites. Bake slowly. Cake can
be cut in half and put together with jelly.



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