Noodles recipe


Beat one large egg slightly with one-fourth teaspoon of salt, add enough
flour to make a stiff dough; work it well for fifteen or twenty minutes,
adding flour when necessary. When the dough is smooth place on slightly
floured board and roll out very thin and set aside on a clean towel for
an hour or more to dry. Fold in a tight roll and cut crosswise in fine
threads. Toss them up lightly with fingers to separate well, and spread
them on the board to dry. When thoroughly dry, put in a jar covered with
cheese cloth for future use. Drop by handfuls in boiling soup, ten
minutes before serving.

Noodles for vegetables or for puddings are made in the same way, but to
each egg, one-half egg-shell full of cold water may be added. The strips
are cut one-half inch wide.



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