Lamb recipes

lamb recipe


Dilute one can of concentrated tomato sauce with one quart of water;
mince two medium-sized onions very fine and fry slowly in olive oil or
drippings until they are a golden brown, and add to tomatoes. Fry one
and one-half pounds of lean neck of lamb in a little drippings until the
meat is nicely browned all over and add to the tomatoes, season with one
clove of garlic, two bay leaves, two teaspoons of sugar, pepper and
salt, and let it simmer for about one and one-half hours, or until the
meat is tender and the sauce has become the consistency of thick cream.
Have ready some boiled macaroni, put in with the meat and stir well.
Serve hot.

Short ribs of beef may be cooked in the same manner.


Brown slices of leek or young onions in one tablespoon of drippings, add
neck or breast of lamb, cut in small pieces; season with white pepper,
salt and parsley; cook until tender, just before serving season with


Strip off the young leaves and boil in salt water. Then peel the heads
thickly, cut into round, thin slices, and lay in cold water for an hour.
Put on to boil a breast of mutton or lamb, which has been previously
well salted, and spice with a little ground ginger. When the mutton has
boiled one-half hour add the sliced kohl-rabi, and boil covered. In the
meantime, drain all the water from the leaves, which you have boiled
separately, and chop them, but not too fine, and add them to the mutton.
When done thicken with flour, season with pepper and more salt if
needed. You may omit the leaves if you are not fond of them.


Take a small breast of lamb, two large onions, one-quarter peck of beans
(string and cut in long thin pieces); skin six large tomatoes, and add
two cups of water. Cook until the beans are tender, then add one
tablespoon of flour to thicken.

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