Fruit pudding recipes


In a large mixing bowl whip to a cream two eggs, three tablespoons of
sugar, and two tablespoons of butter. To this, after it is well beaten,
add a saltspoon of salt and half a grated nutmeg. Stir these ingredients
well into the mixture; then stir in a cup of milk. Last add, a little at
a time--stirring it well in to make a smooth batter--a cup and a half of
flour and three-quarters of a cup of Indian meal, which have been sifted
together with three teaspoons of baking-powder in another bowl.

Butter well the inside of a two-quart pudding mold; put a layer of the
pudding batter an inch deep in the mold; cover this with a layer of fine
ripe peaches that have been peeled and cut in quarters or eighths--this
depends upon the size of the peaches. Sprinkle the layer of peaches with
a light layer of sugar; then pour in a layer of batter; then a layer of
peaches. Repeat this process till all the material is in, leaving a
layer of batter on top. Steam for two hours.


Take the yolks of four eggs, a cup of granulated sugar, and stir to a
cream. Chop fine thirty prunes (prunes being boiled without sugar), and
add two tablespoons of sweet chocolate, two tablespoons of grated
almonds, and the whites, which have been beaten to a snow. Boil two and
one-half hours in a pudding form and serve with whipped cream.


Soak a small loaf of bread; press out every drop of water, work into
this one cup of suet shaved very fine, the yolks of six eggs, one cup of
currants, one cup of raisins seeded, one-half cup of citron shredded
fine, three-quarters cup of syrup, one wineglass of brandy, one cup of
sifted flour and the stiffly-beaten whites of eggs last. Boil four hours
in greased melon mold.


Chop a half box of raisins and currants, one-quarter pound of citron,
one-quarter pound of suet (chopped very fine), two eggs, one and
one-half cups of sugar, a wineglass of brandy, two cups of cider, one
teaspoon of cinnamon and ground cloves. When all these are well mixed
add enough flour (with a teaspoon of baking-powder in it) to thicken
well. Cook in a greased mold and allow to steam for three hours.

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