pudding - several recipes


Boil one pound of chestnuts fifteen minutes. Shell and skin them, then
put back on stove with a cup of milk and boil till tender. Rub through a
colander. Butter a mold, line it with the pulp, then add a layer of
apple sauce that has been colored with currant jelly, then another layer
of chestnuts, and again apple sauce. Squeeze lemon juice over all, and
bake in a moderate oven. Turn out on a platter and serve with whipped
cream colored with currant jelly.


To one quart of milk add one-half cup of farina, salt, and a small piece
of butter. Boil in a double boiler until thick. Beat the yolks of four
eggs with four tablespoons of white sugar, and add this just before
taking off the fire. Stir it thoroughly, but do not let it boil any
more. Flavor with vanilla. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth
with pulverized sugar. After the eggs have been whipped, butter a
pudding dish, put in part of the custard, in which you have mixed the
whites (If you have any extra whites of eggs beat and use them also),
then a layer of stewed or canned peaches; cover with the remaining
custard and bake. Eat with rum sauce.


One and one-half pints of milk with nine level tablespoons of sugar,
five bitter and five sweet almonds chopped fine, brought to boiling
point, and twelve level tablespoons of farina dropped in slowly and
stirred constantly. Cook for twelve minutes, add vanilla to taste, then
add slowly the beaten whites of five eggs. Put it in a form and when
cold serve with a fruit sauce.


To three cups of milk, add half a cup of rice, which you have previously
scalded with hot water. Boil in a double boiler until quite soft. Beat
the yolks of three eggs with three tablespoons of white sugar, add this
just before taking it off the fire. Stir it thoroughly with a wooden
spoon, but do not let it boil any more. Add salt to the rice while
boiling, and flavor with vanilla. Beat the whites of the eggs with
powdered sugar to a stiff froth, and after putting the custard into the
pudding dish in which you wish to serve it, spread with the beaten
whites and let it brown slightly in the oven.


Take one quart of milk, one teaspoon of salt, one cup of sugar and two
well-beaten eggs. Heat this and then pour in slowly one cup of cream of
wheat or farina, stirring constantly. Boil fifteen minutes; then butter
a deep pudding dish and put in a layer of stewed prunes--that have been
cut up in small pieces with a scissors; on the bottom, over this, pour a
layer of the above, alternating in this order until all has been used.
Bake ten minutes in a hot oven. Plain cream, not whipped or sweetened,
is a delicious sauce for this.



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