Matzoth kleis recipes


Beat one tablespoon of chicken schmalz till quite white; pour one cup of
boiling water over one egg. Add it to the dripping; stir these together,
then add the flour, seasoning, a little chopped parsley, ginger, pepper
and salt, and enough matzoth meal to form into small balls the size of a
marble. Drop these into the boiling soup and cook about fifteen minutes.
Test one in boiling water and if it boils apart add more meal.

MATZOTH KLEIS, recipe No. 1

Soak four matzoth in cold water and press them after being thoroughly
saturated. Add a little pepper, salt, sugar, parsley, and a half onion
chopped fine, first browning the onion. Beat four eggs and add all
together. Then pat in enough matzoth meal so that it may be rolled into
balls. The less meal used the lighter will be the balls. They should
boil for twenty minutes before serving.

Serve matzoth kleis in place of potatoes and garnish with minced onions
browned in three tablespoons of fat. All matzoth meal and matzoth kleis
are lighter if made a few hours before required and put in the ice-chest
until ready to boil. When used as a vegetable make the balls
considerably larger than for soup.

MATZOTH KLEIS, recipe No. 2

Take six matzoth, three eggs, two cooking-spoons of chicken fat,
parsley, onion, salt, pepper and ginger. Soak the matzoth in boiling
water a minute, then drain every drop of water out of them. Press
through sieve. Fry about three onions in the two tablespoons of chicken
fat, and when a light brown, put the matzoth in the spider with the fat
and onions to dry them. Add one teaspoon of salt, dash of pepper and
ginger and one tablespoon of chopped parsley. Add the three yolks of
eggs and beat all this together a few minutes; last, add the well-beaten
whites. Form into balls by rolling into a little matzoth meal. Drop in
boiling salt water and boil fifteen minutes; drain and pour over them
hot fat with an onion, cut fine and browned.


Prepare a matzoth dough as for the soup kleis. Make round flat cakes of
it with your hands, and fill with cooked prunes (having previously
removed the kernels). Put one of the flat cakes over one that is filled,
press the edges firmly together and roll until perfectly round. Boil
them in salt water--the water must boil hard before you put them in.
Heat some goose fat, cut up an onion in it and brown; pour this over the
kleis and serve hot. The kleis may be filled with a cheese mixture. Use
butter in that case.



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