A few cakes recipes


After the pan is greased with butter, roll out a piece of dough quite
thin, lay it in the pan, press a rim out of the dough all around the pan
and let it rise for about ten minutes. Pare five large apples, core and
quarter them, dipping each piece in melted butter before laying on the
cake, sprinkle bountifully with sugar (brown being preferable to white
for this purpose) and cinnamon. See that you have tart apples. Leave the
cake in the pans and cut out the pieces just as you would want to serve
them. If they stick to the pan, set the pan on top of the hot stove for
a minute and the cake will then come out.


Take one and one-half cups of cheese, rub smooth with a silver or wooden
spoon through a colander or sieve, then rub a piece of sweet butter the
size of an egg to a cream, add gradually one-half cup of sugar and the
yolks of three eggs, a pinch of salt, grate in the peel of a lemon,
one-half cup of cleaned currants and a little citron cut up very fine.
Line two pie-plates with some kuchen dough or pie dough (See "Coffee
Cakes (Kuchen)"), roll it out quite thin, butter the pie-plates quite
heavily, and let the dough in them rise at least a quarter of an hour
before putting in the cheese mixture, for it must be baked immediately
after the cheese is put in, and just before you put the cheese into the
plates whip up the whites of the eggs to a very stiff froth and stir
through the cheese mixture.

Cherry cake

Line a cake-pan, which has been well-buttered, with a thin layer of
kuchen dough. Stone two pounds of cherries and lay them on a sieve with
a dish underneath to catch the juice. Sprinkle sugar over them and bake.
In the meantime beat up four eggs with a cup of sugar, beat until light
and add the cherry juice. Draw the kuchen to the oven door, pour this
mixture over it and bake.



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