In cities where fresh compressed yeast can be obtained, it is not worth
while to prepare one's own.

Compressed yeast is always in proper condition to use until it becomes
soft, often the yeast cakes are slightly discolored, but this does not
affect the yeast, being caused by the oxidation of the starch in the

Keep yeast in cool place.


Grate six large raw potatoes, have ready a gallon of water in which you
have boiled one and one-half cups of hops. Strain through a fine hair
sieve, boiling hot, over the potatoes, stirring well, or the mixture
will thicken like starch. Add a scant cup of sugar and one-half cup of
salt. When cold, add a yeast cake or a cup of fresh yeast. Let it stand
until a thick foam rises on the top. Bottle in a few days. If kept in a
cool place, this yeast will last a long time. Use one cup of yeast for
one large baking. In making yeast, from time to time, use a cup of the
same with which to start the new yeast.

One cup of liquid yeast is equal to one cake of compressed yeast.

When yeast is not obtainable to start the fermentation in making yeast,
mix a thin batter of flour and water, and let it stand in a warm place
until it is full of bubbles. This ferment has only half the strength of
yeast so double the amount must be used.



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