What can I do with potatoes

potato lunch


Butter well a deep baking dish, holding a quart or more. In the bottom
place a layer of potatoes, sliced thin, then a layer of corn, using
one-half the contents of a can. On this sprinkle a little grated onion
and season with salt, pepper and bits of butter. Add another layer of
potatoes, then the rest of the corn, seasoning as before, and cover the
whole with a layer of cracker crumbs. Dot well with butter, pour on milk
until it comes to the top, and bake three-quarters of an hour. Use
cooked potatoes, having them cold before slicing.


Pare the potatoes and throw them into cold water until needed. Dry them
with a towel; cut into small pieces lengthwise of the potato; drop them
into hot fat and remove when lightly browned. It is better to fry only a
few at a time, letting those done stand in a colander in the oven to
keep hot. When all are done, sprinkle with salt and serve at once.

For variety; and for use in garnishing, cut the potatoes into balls,
using the vegetable cutter which comes for this purpose.


Boil medium-sized potatoes in their jackets until tender, peel while
hot. Put two tablespoons of butter or fat in spider, when hot add
potatoes, brown well all over. Drain, sprinkle with salt and one
teaspoon of caraway seeds and serve hot.


Heat two tablespoons of fat, add chopped onion and two tablespoons of
flour; when flour is brown, add 1-1/2 cups of water, stir and cook until
smooth, add salt, brown sugar and a little cinnamon to taste. Quarter
four medium-sized cooking pears, but do not peel, cook them in the brown
sauce, then add six medium, raw potatoes, pared, and cook until tender.


Buy a potato cutter at a first-class hardware store, and with it cut the
potatoes to the size of a hickory nut, and then fry or steam them. When
cooked they look just like new potatoes. They are especially nice to
garnish meats. You may also parboil and brown in fat, or boil and add
parsley as you would with new potatoes. The remainder of the raw
potatoes may be boiled and mashed or fried into ribbons.


Pare and lay in cold water (ice-water is best) for half an hour. Select
the largest potatoes, then cut round and round in one continuous
curl-like strip (there is also an instrument for this purpose, which
costs but a trifle); handle with care and fry a few at a time for fear
of entanglement, in deep fat.

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