Give me some strudel recipes


Prepare the dough as for Apple Strudel as directed in the foregoing
recipe, drip one quart of thick sour milk on it lightly, with a large
spoon, put one cup of grated bread crumbs over the milk, add two cups of
granulated sugar, one cup of chopped almonds, one cup of raisins, and
one teaspoon of cinnamon, roll and place in well-buttered pan, put small
pieces of butter over the top, basting frequently. Serve warm with
vanilla sauce. One-half this quantity may be used for a small strudel.


Prepare the dough as for Apple Strudel No. 2. Blanch one-half pound of
almonds and grind, when dried beat the yolks of four eggs light with
one-quarter pound of granulated sugar, add the grated peel of one lemon
and mix in the almonds. Spread over the dough with plenty of oil, butter
or fat and roll. Bake; baste very often.



Heat one-half cup of goose-fat, add one medium-sized cabbage and let it
simmer until done, stirring constantly to keep from burning. While
cooling prepare strudel dough, fill with cabbage and one cup of raisins
and currants mixed, two cups of granulated sugar, one-half cup of
chopped almonds and one teaspoon cinnamon, roll and put little pieces of
grease on top; bake in hot oven and baste frequently. The pans in which
the strudel is baked must be greased generously. Serve this strudel hot.
This strudel may be made for a milk meal by substituting butter for fat.


Make a strudel or roley-poley dough and let it rest until you have
prepared the cheese. Take half a pound of cheese, rub it through a
coarse sieve or colander, add salt, the yolks of two eggs and one whole
egg, sweeten to taste. Add the grated peel of one lemon, two ounces of
sweet almonds, and about four bitter ones, blanched and pounded, four
ounces of sultana raisins and a little citron chopped fine. Now roll out
as thin as possible, spread in the cheese, roll and bake, basting with
sweet cream.


Wash the lung and heart thoroughly in salt water, and put on to boil in
cold water, adding salt, one onion, a few bay leaves and cook until very
tender. Make the dough precisely the same as any other strudel. Take the
boiled lung and heart, chop them as fine as possible and stew in a
saucepan with some fat, adding chopped parsley, a little salt, pepper
and mace, or nutmeg, the grated peel of half a lemon and a little wine.
Add the beaten yolks of two eggs to thicken, and remove from the fire to
cool. Roll out the dough as thin as possible, fill in the mixture and
lay the strudel in a well-greased pan; put flakes of fat on top and
baste often. Eat hot.

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