Coffee recipes


Coffee should be bought in small quantities and kept in air-tight cans, freshly ground as needed. To have perfect coffee, use an china pot or earthen, and have the water boiling when turned onto the coffee. Like a tea, the results will not be right if water is allowed to fall below the boiling point before it is used. Have the coffee ground to a fine powder in order to get full coffee flavor as well as strength.

Coffee cup

Filtered coffee

Place one cup of finely ground coffee in the strainer of the percolator; place the strainer in the pot and place over the heat. Add gradually six cups of boiling water and allow it to filter. Serve at once.

Boiled coffee

Use one tablespoon of coffee to each cup of boiling water or mix coffee with two tablespoons of cold water. Clean egg shells and put in the pot. Allow this to come to a boil and add boiling water, bring to a boil and boil for one minute. Add a tablespoon of cold water to assist the grounds in settling. Stand the pot where it will keep hot, but not boil, for five minutes. Then serve at once, as coffee allowed to stand becomes flat and loses its aroma. Most cooks use a clean shell or a little of the white of an egg if they do not use the whole. Others beat the whole egg, with a little water, but use only a part of it, keeping the rest for further use in a covered glass in the ice-chest. Cream is usually served with coffee, but scalded milk renders the coffee more digestible than does cream. Fill the cup one-fourth full of hot scalded milk. Pour on the freshly made coffee, adding sugar.

kosher coffee

Coffee for twenty people

Add and mix one pound of coffee finely ground, with one egg and enough cold water to thoroughly moisten it, cover and let stand several hours. Place in thin bag and drop in seven quarts of boiling water. Boil five minutes, let stand ten minutes. Add cream to coffee and serve.
After-dinner coffee is made double the strength of boiled coffee and is
served without cream or milk.

Turkish coffee

For making this the coffee must be pulverized, and it should be made over an alcohol lamp with a little brass Turkish pot. Measure into your pot as many after-dinner coffee cups of water as you wish cups of coffee. Bring the water to a boil and drop a heaping teaspoon of the powdered coffee to each cup on top of the water and allow it to settle.
Add one, two or three coffeespoons of powdered sugar, as desired. Put the pot again over the flame; bring the coffee to a boil three times, and pour into the cups. The grounds of the coffee are of course thick in the liquid, so one lets the coffee stand a moment in the cup before drinking.

big coffee

French coffee

Have your coffee ground very fine and use a French drip coffee-pot. Instead of pouring through water, pour milk through, brought just to the boiling point. The milk passes through slowly, and care must be taken not to let scum form on the milk.



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