Roast turkey kosher recipe


Singe and clean the turkey the same as chicken. Fill with plain bread
stuffing or chestnut stuffing. Tie down the legs and rub entire surface
with salt and let stand overnight. Next morning place in large drippings
or roasting-pan on rack and spread breast, legs and wings with one-third
cup of fat creamed and mixed with one-fourth cup of flour. Dredge bottom
of pan with flour. Place in a hot oven and when the flour on the turkey
begins to brown, reduce the heat and add two cups of boiling water or
the stock in which the giblets are cooking, and baste with one-fourth
cup of fat and three-fourths cup of boiling water. When this is all
used, baste with the fat in the pan. Baste every fifteen minutes until
tender; do not prick with a fork, press with the fingers; if the breast
meat and leg are soft to the touch the turkey is done. If the oven is
too hot, cover the pan; turn the turkey often, that it may brown nicely.
Remove strings and skewers and serve on hot platter. Serve with giblet
sauce and cranberry sauce. If the turkey is very large it will require
three hours or more, a small one will require only an hour and a half.

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