Boiled cheese and other cheese recepes


Press one quart of fine cottage cheese through a coarse sieve or
colander and set it away in a cool place for a week, stirring it once or
twice during that time; when it has become quite strong, stir it smooth
with a wooden or silver spoon; add a saltspoon of salt and one-fourth as
much of caraway seed, yolks of two eggs and an even tablespoon of flour
which has been previously dissolved in about one-half cup of cold milk;
stir the flour and milk until it is a smooth paste, adding a lump of
butter, about the size of an egg; add all to the cheese. Put the cheese
on to boil until quite thick; stirring occasionally; boil altogether
about one-half hour, stirring constantly the last ten minutes; the
cheese must look smooth as velvet. Pour it into a dish which has been
previously rinsed in cold water. Set it away in a cool place; to keep it
any length of time, cover it with a clean cloth which has been dipped in
and wrung out of beer. This cheese is excellent for rye bread


Heat sour milk slowly until the whey rises to the top; pour it off, put
the curd in a bag and let it dry for six hours without squeezing it.
Pour it into a bowl and break it fine with a wooden spoon. Season with
salt. Mold into balls and keep in a cool place. It is best when fresh.


Take one cake of cream cheese, one-quarter of a pound of chopped figs,
one-quarter of a pound of chopped walnuts, roll into balls and serve on
lettuce leaves.


Mix one cake Neufchatel cheese, a piece of butter the size of the
cheese, one tablespoon of cream, one-quarter teaspoon of salt and six
dashes of Tabasco Sauce and form one large ball or several small ones
and roll in chopped pecan nuts.


Dissolve one and one-half tablespoons of butter, add one tablespoon of
flour, stir until it loosens from the pan; add one and one-half cups of
rich milk, pepper and salt. Take from the fire, add gradually four egg
yolks and three-quarters of a cup of grated cheese, then the stiffly
beaten whites of eggs. Bake in a hot oven in china ramekins about
fifteen minutes and serve immediately.


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