"Fruit cake" - "wedding cake" - recipe


Take one pound of butter and one pound of sugar rubbed to a cream, yolks
of twelve eggs, one tablespoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of allspice,
one-half teaspoon of mace, one-half teaspoon of cloves, one-fourth of a
pound of almonds pounded, two pounds of raisins (seeded and chopped),
three pounds of currants (carefully cleaned), one pound of citron
(shredded very fine), and one-quarter of a pound of orange peel (chopped
very fine). Soak all this prepared fruit in one pint of brandy
overnight. Add all to the dough and put in the stiffly-beaten whites
last. Bake in a very slow oven for several hours, in cake pans lined
with buttered paper. When cold wrap in cloths dipped in brandy and put
in earthen jars. If baked in gas oven have light very low. Keep oven the
same temperature for four or five hours.

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