BLINTZES recipes


Make dough as directed for cheese blintzes. Filling may be made of force meat, highly seasoned; fry in hot fat, or filling may be made of one-half pound of apples, peeled and cored and then minced with one ounce of ground sweet almonds, one ounce of powdered sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, juice of one-half lemon; mix well and bind with the beaten white of egg.

Spread either of these mixtures on the dough, fold over and tuck edges in well. Fry in plenty of oil or fat.

Sprinkle those containing the fruit mixture with sugar and cinnamon. These may be served either hot or cold.


These little pancakes may be filled with the fruit filling in following recipe; or with a poppy seed filling using one cup of seed and adding one cup of sugar, moistening with one-half cup of water. The recipe given for the dough makes only six blintzes and where more are required double or triple the quantities given to make amount desired.

For Purim, fold blintzes in triangular shapes. Fry as directed.

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