Buns recipe


Make same as tea rolls. When well risen mold into small round buns;
place in well-greased pans, one inch apart. Coyer set aside to rise
until light--about one hour. Brush with egg diluted with water; bake
twenty minutes, just before removing from the oven, brush with sugar
moistened with a little water.


Boil two large potatoes and strain the water into a pitcher, dissolve
two-thirds cake of yeast in a cup. Put potatoes in a pan with a cup of
sugar; large lump of butter, and teaspoon of salt. The heat of potatoes
will melt the sugar and butter. Mash with large masher to a cream; pour
in rest of potato water, add pint of flour and mix together. Then cover
and set in a warm place all night. In the morning add more flour, mix
quickly and put currants or raisins in as you turn the dough. This will
keep them from settling in the bottom of the bread. Put in hot pans and
bake in a hot oven. This makes a delicious holiday bread. Eat with
butter, hot or cold.


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