Custard recipes


Beat four eggs light with one cup of sugar. Add one cup of cooked rice,
two cups of sweet milk, juice and rind of one lemon, one-half teaspoon
of cinnamon. Pour in pudding-pan and place in a pan filled with hot
water; bake until firm in moderate oven. Serve with lemon sauce.


Heat a little more than a pint of sweet milk to the boiling point, then
stir in gradually a little cold milk in which you have rubbed smooth a
heaping tablespoon of butter and a little nutmeg. Let this just come to
a boil, then pour into a buttered pudding-dish, first adding one cup of
stewed prune with the stones taken out. Bake for fifteen to twenty
minutes, according to the state of oven. A little cream improves it when
it is served in the saucers.


Soak four tablespoons of tapioca overnight in one quart of sweet milk.
In the morning beat the yolks of three eggs with one cup of sugar. Put
the milk and tapioca on in a double boiler, adding a pinch of salt; when
this comes to boiling point stir in the eggs and sugar. Beat the whites
to a stiff froth and stir quickly and delicately into the hot mixture.
Flavor with vanilla. Eat cold.


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