Wash one pint of white haricot beans and one pint of coarse barley andput them into a covered pot or pan with some pieces of fat meat and somepieces of marrow bone, or the backs of two fat geese which have beenskinned and well spiced with ginger and garlic. Season with pepper andsalt and add sufficient water to cover. Cover the pot up tightly. If onehas a coal range it can be placed in the oven on Friday afternoon andlet remain there until Saturday noon. The heat of the oven will besufficient to bake the Schalet if there was a nice clear fire when theporridge was put in the oven. If this dish cannot be baked at home itmay be sent to a neighboring baker to be placed in the oven there toremain until Saturday noon, when it is called for. This takes the placeof soup for the Sabbath dinner.


Put on one three-pound chicken to boil in six quarts cold water. Takeone and one-half or two pounds of beef and the same quantity thick partof veal, put in a baking-pan, set in the stove and brown quickly withjust enough water to keep from burning. When brown, cut the meat inpieces, add this with all the juice it has drawn, to the chicken soup.Set on the back of the stove, and cook slowly all day. Set in a coldplace, or on ice over night, and next morning after it is congealed,skim off every particle of fat.
Melt and season to taste when ready to serve. Excellent for the sick.When used for the table, cut up carrots and French peas already cookedcan be added while heating.
If cooked on gas stove, cook over the simmering flame the same number ofhours.



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