Boiled beans and Corn recipes

BOILED BEANS (kosher meal recipe)

Select small, young string beans, string them carefully and boil in salt water, in a brass kettle, until tender, and throw them on a large, clean board to drip. Next morning press them into a jar, with alternate layers of salt and beans, and proceed as with string beans.

CORN (kosher meal recipe)

Boil the corn, cut it off the cobs, and pack in jars in alternate layers of salt and corn. Use plenty of salt in packing. When you wish to cook it soak in water overnight. Pack the corn in this way: First a layer of salt, half an inch deep; then about two inches of corn; then salt again, and so on. The top layer must be salt. Spread two inches of melted butter over the top layer and bind with strong perforated paper (perforate the paper with a pin). Keep in a cool cellar.


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