Canaper recipe

For serving at the beginning of dinner and giving a zest to the
appetite, canapes are extremely useful. They may be either hot or cold
and made of anything that can be utilized for a sandwich filling. The
foundation bread should be two days old and may be toasted or fried
crouton fashion. The nicest way is to butter it lightly, then set it in
a hot oven to brown delicately, or fry in hot fat.

The bread should be cut oblong, diamond shaped, in rounds, or with a
cutter that has a fluted edge. While the toast is quite hot, spread with
the prepared mixture and serve on a small plate with sprigs of
watercress or points of lemon as a garnish.

Another way is to cut the bread into delicate fingers, pile it log-cabin
fashion, and garnish the centre with a stuffed olive. For cheese canapes
sprinkle the toast thickly with grated cheese, well seasoned with salt
and pepper. Set in a hot oven until the cheese melts and serve


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